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Rescue of the Month

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Our mission is to spread more compassion throughout the world and help the animals which aligns with our ethos as a business and the rescues we will choose each month. We will dedicate a menu item to each rescue where we will donate a percentage of the proceeds at the end of the month. Thank you for supporting these inspiring rescues and all the amazing work they are doing to help the animals. If you would like to recommend a rescue to feature, feel free to contact us here. Thank you :)


This month, our featured rescue is Arthur's Acres Animal Sanctuary located in Parksville, NY. Their mission is to "RESCUE those that have been abused, exploited, or discarded

REHABILITATE through patience, love, and respect

EDUCATE individuals on cruelty-free life from daily choices"


Learn more via their website here for more information about the 40 rescued pigs, 9 rescued cats, 2 rescued dogs, and 20+ chickens and roosters that call the sanctuary home. You can also support the sanctuary by shopping their online wish list here.

Wild Chestnut Cafe.jpg
Wild Chestnut Cafe.jpg
Wild Chestnut Cafe.jpg

Past "Rescue of the Months"

Western Mass Rabbit Rescue (Northampton, MA) - April 2022

Shelter Friend (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) - May 2022

Vine Sanctuary (Springfield, VT) - June 2022

Sunny Meadow Sanctuary (Barre, MA) - July 2022

Farm Sanctuary (Watkins Glen, NY) - September 2022

Surge Sanctuary (Nottingham, UK) - October 2022

Unity Farm Sanctuary (Sherborn, MA) - November 2022

Peace Ridge Sanctuary (Brooks, ME) - December 2022

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