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The Founding Story:

Vegan activists, Myssie and Rosalie, were the two "wild women/co-founders" behind Wild Chestnut Cafe who were both passionate about vegan food and animals' rights activism. They originally met while doing animals’ rights activism on the streets of Northampton, MA and in January 2022, they opened a restaurant "fueled by compassion" in downtown Florence, MA on Chestnut Street.


The main goal was to create a safe, inclusive, and comfortable space to benefit their vibrant local community, the planet, and all its inhabitants through the power of food. Since veganism and activism were two important aspects of both of their lives, they were motivated to create a business focused on ethical and sustainable values so naturally, Wild Chestnut Cafe became a 100% vegan cafe.

The Current Cafe:

As of December 2023, the cafe is solely owned by Myssie while Rosalie steps away to pursue new dreams. 


With over 24+ years of restaurant experience, Myssie is excited to own and manage Wild Chestnut Cafe. She lives locally in Western MA with her family including two cats named Toby and Vandal Savage. She has been vegan for 6+ years and enjoys hiking, skiing, gardening, and spending time in nature. She has always dreamed of owning a restaurant and is beyond excited to watch this dream come to life.


Thank you for all of your support 🌱🤘💚



One year anniversary celebration with beloved friends/customers (January 8, 2023)


As Brian Kateman from Forbes writes, “whether it’s a matter of ethics or entirely-health inspired, one thing is becoming increasingly clear with each passing year: Americans want more vegan restaurants, even if they have to build them themselves."

(Forbes 2019)

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